Denmark – Copenhagen.

Denmark – Copenhagen.

Denmark - Copenhagen.

Denmark consists of the northern three-fifths of the Jutland peninsula and islands to the east, and sandwiched between the North and Baltic Seas.

Copenhagen is Denmark’s largest city and capital.

Of the 440 or so islands, Zealand, Funen, and Lolland are the largest islands, and Copenhagen is located at the eastern end of Zealand.

The capital is on a remote island, and there is the easternmost point of the country, Also, despite the history of war with Sweden, the capital is located near the border.


I parted ways with Chiggy and the others in Italy, and headed north again on the European continent by myself.

Passing through Austria, drinking lukewarm beer in a German bar, and arriving in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark.

In Europe, the farther north you go, the prices of things will rise expensive.

Higher prices equals faster consumption of the money I have, which means that the period during which I can continue traveling will be relatively shorter.


Denmark - Copenhagen.

When I was walking around the city of Copenhagen by myself, I met a tourist man from China.

He says he is a professional photographer. He had no information about Copenhagen like me, so we accompanied together for several hours and exchanged informations.

However, at this time, only ten years had passed since the Chinese economic reform, so I guess peple are still poor in his country, and the comming year’s on Sunday, June 4, 1989, “The Tiananmen Square protests” centered on students demanding democratization will be occurred.

What kind of person is him who can go on a photography trip to Denmark in such an era of China?

… I just wondered.


Denmark - Copenhagen.

もOf course, he’s a professional, so I asked him to take a picture for me lol.

To make sure there is no misunderstanding about this photo, in Copenhagen there is a famous tourist spot called “The statue of The Little Mermaid”, which is based on Hans Christian Andersen’s story “The Little Mermaid”, but this one is different.

I’ve come this far and haven’t gone to see the essential “The statue of The Little Mermaid”.

…To tell the truth, I misunderstood various things and could not get there lol.


Denmark - Copenhagen.

There are different types of people, some people who I can say, “Would you like to go to Norway with me?” and others I can’t.

Nationality is irrelevant.

Gender is relevant. It’s a little difficult to say that to women.

Well, unless it’s as good as Chiggy…

I wonder what this is…

Maybe it’s because I’m young. I wonder if it’s a mood or an atmosphere of the person.

It may be a difference of travel styles between he and me.

He seems to be earnest and an adult, and he didn’t feel like a “hippie” or “poor traveler” like me…


Denmark - Copenhagen central train station.

Finally, I said bye-bye to him, returned to Copenhagen Central Station, and decided to head to Sweden by myself.

Map of Copenhagen Denmark.