Summary of international flights to and from Okinawa.

2022/10 Summary of international flights to and from Okinawa.

Okinawa Naha International Airport - Flight Board.

I have summarized the airlines operating international flights at Naha International Airport in Okinawa (as of 2022/10/18).

Due to the pandemic of covid-19, there are still many companies that are not currently flying international flights from Naha, but as the impact of the covid-19 is waning, I feel that the day when they will start flights is not far away.

Before the outbreak of COVID-19, it was possible to go directly to Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, etc.

Also, even when going to other parts of the world, you can connect at major international airports such as Incheon International Airport in South Korea and Hong Kong International Airport, may be include Taoyuan Airport in Taiwan, You can reach your destination faster than connecting at Narita, Haneda, and Kansai airports.

In addition, Hong Kong and Incheon have a lot of airlines fly in, so many LCCs are flying too, so there are many opportunity to reduce the flight cost.

A little while ago, my friend went to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam via Taoyuan with Vietjet Air, the airfare was only 10 bucks, which became a hot topic among our friends.

Vietjet Air has become a hot topic because its CEO is a woman, and at first, the service of the cabin crew in bikinis danced on the plane, it also became a hot topic.

In the end, the Vietnamese government got mad at the service, then the service had been ended and they paid fine.


Logo Destination


Airline code Hub airport
asiana-airlines Korea Asiana Airlines OZ Incheon International Airport.
Gimpo International Airport.
korean-air Korea Korean Air KE Incheon International Airport.
Gimpo International Airport.
jin-air Korea Jin Air LJ Incheon International Airport.
Gimpo International Airport.
jeju-air Korea Jeju Air 7C Jeju International Airport.
Incheon International Airport.
Gimpo International Airport.
tway-air Korea T’way Air TW Incheon International Airport.
Gimpo International Airport.
china-eastern-air 中国 China Eastern Airlines MU Shanghai Pudong International Airport.
Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport.
Beijing Daxing International Airport.
juneyao-air 中国 Juneyao Air HO Shanghai Pudong International Airport.
air-china China Air China CA Beijing Capital International Airport.
Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport.
capital-airline China Beijing Capital Airlines JD Beijing Capital International Airport.
china-airline Taiwan China Airlines CI Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport
eva-air Taiwan EVA Air BR Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport
tiger-air Taiwan Tigerair Taiwan IT Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport
mandarin-airline Taiwan Mandarin Airlines AE Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport
Taichung International Airport.
Taipei Songshan Airport.
peach-aviation Taiwan Peach Aviation MM Kansai International Airport.
starlux-air Taiwan Starlux Airlines JX Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport
hongkong-airline Hong Kong Hong Kong Airlines HX Hong Kong International Airport.
hk-express Hong Kong HK Express UO Hong Kong International Airport.
jetstar Singapore

Thailand (Suvarnabhumi)

Jetstar Asia Airways 3K Singapore Changi Airport.


As of October 2022, Tigerair has flights every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday between Taiwan and Naha, and HKexpress has also started operations between Hong Kong and Naha. Also, Peach aviation has announced that it will operate to Taiwan from November 17th.


When I search for flight reservations for January 2023, nearly half of the airlines’ flights are now available for reservation, so I feel that overseas travel will come back more and more from now on.


Naha International Airport Map