Ramen Makoto-ya Haebaru Branch

Ramen Makoto-ya Haebaru Branch.

Ramen Makotoya Haebaru Branch.

Makotoya is a ramen chain headquartered in Osaka, run more than 70 stores in Japan and overseas. Operated by Makoto Food Service Ltd., this ramen chain is currently gaining momentum, and forcus the goal of opening 100 stores by 2025. On February 27, 2023, the first store in Okinawa was opend as the 70th store in total, at Haebaru. When my family heard this shop’s opening, of course they say let’s go and try their ramen, though…
… I’m currently on the gluten-free challenge…


Ramen Makotoya Haebaru Branch.

Along Okinawa Prefectural Route 82 Naha-Itoman Line, across the road from MaxValu Ichinichi-bashi store, next to Round One Haebaru store.

Nowadays, new roads are being built all the time in Okinawa Prefecture, but Prefectural Route 82 has been around for a long time, and I pass through it when I go to Yonabaru. I immediately knew where it was, like, “Oh, it’s near by Nitori and Workman.”


Ramen Makotoya Haebaru Branch.

Because it was a Saturday night, the ramen shop was still full even after 20:30, so we had to wait outside for about 20 minutes.

While we were waiting for our seats, customers came one after another.

…It’s quite a popular ramen shop…


Ramen Makotoya Haebaru Branch menu sign.

There is a large menu board in front of the store, so we can consider what to order while waiting for our seat.

One of our daughter who works at the Taipei branch, so we were able to talk about the menu such as “How spicy is this?”


Inside Ramen Makotoya Haebaru.

Ramen Makotoya Haebaru Branch.

The store has counter seats and box table seats.

The inside of the store is not as big as I imagined.


Ramen Makotoya Haebaru Branch.

It opened at the end of February this year, and it’s only been about 4 months, so the store is still brand new.


Ramen Makotoya Haebaru Branch menu.

Types of ramen are

– Chilli beef bone soup ramen.
– Beef bone soup ramen.
– Chichen soup ramen.
– Aged back oil soy sauce ramen.

It’s so simple with 4 types.


Ramen Makotoya Haebaru Branch menu.

“Morioka Reimen” is also available for a limited time until the end of August.


Ramen Makotoya Haebaru Branch menu.

This kind of eat-way guide are popular in Japan eat these days.

Even if it’s just a bowl of ramen, it’s a proposal to enjoy the taste change like this.


Ramen Makotoya Haebaru Branch table set.

Fresh garlic with crusher, leaf mustard, red pickled ginger and ground sesame seeds, and other seasoning sets, that allow you to change the taste as what ever you like.


When ordering ramen to the shop staff, you can choose the hardness of ramen from “very hard, hard, normal, soft“.

*The store staffs call the hardness of the noodles like “Barikata, Katamen, Futsuu, Yawarakame“.


beef broth-Ramen Makotoya Haebaru Branch.

Gyujan (820 yen/tax included). Beef bone soup ramen.

The soup is white like using milk, but just like the pork bone broth soup, if the beef bones are slowly boiled, it turns white like this.


Grilled pork bowl-Ramen Makotoya Haebaru Branch.

Grilled pork bowl (520 yen/tax included).


beef broth with red hot chili pepper-Ramen Makotoya Haebaru Branch

Aka kara gyujan (930 yen/tax included). Chilli beef bone soup ramen.

When ordering, you can choose the level of spiciness: mild, medium, very spicy, 1 extra spicy (+50 yen/tax included), 2 extra spicy (+100 yen/tax included), or 3 extra spicy (+150 yen/tax included).


Aged Backfat Soy Sauce-Ramen Makotoya Haebaru Branch

Jyukusei seabura shouyu (820 yen/tax included). Aged back oil soy sauce ramen.


golden fried rice-Ramen Makotoya Haebaru Branch

Golden fried rice medium size (520 yen/tax included).

I’m currently on a gluten-free challenge, so I thought I’d just eat fried rice, but…


Ramen Makotoya Haebaru Branch

Well, it will only come once in a while, so let me eat ramen and gyoza, too!

…Isn’t that what happens to ordinary people who have ramen in front of them?

It was so delicious and I became full.


By the way, the taste may be similar to Okinawa’s local ramen chain “Ryukyu Shinmen Tondo“.


Map of Ramen Makotoya Haebaru branch