A&W Makiminato branch, in Urasoe City.

A&W Makiminato branch, in Urasoe City.

A&W Makiminato branch, in Urasoe City.

A&W Makiminato store.

A&W is the first opened fast food chain in Japan, and the first store opened in Yagiharabaru, Okinawa on 1963.

Well, At that days, Okinawa was still under the control of the United States until 1972, So some people says Japan’s first fast food chain was “Dom Dom Hamburger”, which opened its first store in February 1970.

In addition, A&W, a franchiser in the United States, is said to be the oldest fast food chain in the United States, founded in 1923.

Currently, Japan’s A&W has only 27 stores, and all of them are in Okinawa (excluding US military bases), so it can be said A&W is one of the food content that represents Okinawa.


A&W Makiminato branch, in Urasoe City.

“A&W Makiminato” is known for its large signboard located along the Makiminato viaduct on Route 58.


A&W Makiminato branch, in Urasoe City.

It is open 24 hours a day and has a drive-in that can accommodate 100 vehicles. The lawn area has parasol seats, a sandbox, playground equipment, and a fountain where you can play in the water, making it very popular with children.

“Children’s birthday party at A&W Makiminato store” is also a standard.

A famous restaurant that has been loved since it opened on August 25, 1969.


A&W Makiminato store’s carhops.

A&W Makiminato store's carhops.

The Makiminato store is characterized by a system called “drive-in” which you can order while you stay in your car parked in the parking lot, and then eat the hamburgers that are brought to you in the car.

The word “Drive-inn” usually refers to accommodation facilities, so it’s a little confusing,

in(inside of something)

that kind of difference.

By the way, in the US, this method is called “carhops”, so this name “drive-in” is probably an Okinawa A&W’s particular naming.


A&W Makiminato Drive-In Menu - Urasoe City.

Park a car in the parking lot, open the window and place your order.

This restaurant supports payment by credit card and electronic money, but it seems that smartphone payment is not supported yet.


A&W Makiminato store drive-in order method.

Like this.

If you want to pay by credit card or electronic money, you need to tell them when you place your order.


A&W Makiminato shop inside.

A&W Makiminato shop inside.

Of course, you can also order in-store.


A&W Makiminato shop inside.

A&W’s standard menu is,

American-style “The A&W Burger (740 yen)” that is larger than the Big Mac.
Chili dog’s “Connie dog (from 390 yen)”.
“Super Fries (from 250 yen)” and “Curly Fries (from 290 yen)”.
Root Beer (from 190 yen) with unlimited refills.

such as the lineup.



S 190円、R 260円、L 310円

Among them, root beer is sold in 3 sizes, “S 190 yen, R 260 yen, L 310 yen”, but you can get as many refills as you like, so people who know only order S for 190 yen lol.

*The above prices are as of 2022/06. Please check the latest information on the A&W website.


A&W Makiminato shop inside.

The store name A&W comes from the last names of the founders Roy W. Allen and Frank Wright.

Frank Wright was originally employed by Roy, but in 1922 Allen invited Frank to become his partner, and in 1923 they opened their first restaurant in Sacramento, California.

And from 1926, the franchise also started.


A&W Makiminato Store, Park Area.

A&W Makiminato Store, Park Area.

Lawn area with play equipment and sandbox for children.


A&W Makiminato Store, Park Area.

Occasionally, A&W Okinawa’s character “Rooty”, a bear in orange clothes, appears.


A&W Makiminato store Playground equipment in the park area.

Playground equipment looks very clean.

May be they renewed that.


A&W Makiminato store Park Area Usage Notes.

Notes on how to use the lawn area.

The fountain is between 10:00 and 20:00.


Hamburger at A&W Makiminato.

A&W Makiminato's Jr. Mozza Burger (370 yen).

A&W Makiminato’s “Jr. Mozza Burger (370 yen)”.

She ate the hamburger before taking a picture…

It’s actually an American big size.


A&W Makiminato's hamburger wrapping paper.

The design of the wrapping paper is also American.


Paper bag of A&W Makiminato hamburger.

Paper bags also have american taste.


A&W Makiminato shop's Crinkle Fries (370 yen).

Crinkle Fries (370 yen).

Well, A&W certainly has an original flavor not found in other burger shops and is delicious.


Urasoe City, A&W Makiminato shop’s Map.