Kyoto ramen Specialty restaurant “Waraku” – Miyagi, Urasoe City.

Kyoto ramen Specialty restaurant “Waraku”.

Kyoto ramen Specialty restaurant

Menya Waraku is a Chinese noodle restaurant located on Miyagi Odori in Urasoe City.

This restaurant serves “Kyoto Ramen”, which is rare in Okinawa, and is located in a corner of a residential area in Urasoe.

What is “Kyoto Ramen” like ? I had no idea about that kind of ramen, so I checked it online, then I found that the famous nationwide chain Tenkaippin is the tipical Kyoto ramen restaurant.

Wasn’t it something like Chinese noodle? Some image comes up inside of me like that, but I can’t say for sure.

Some website indicate that the characteristics of Kyoto ramen are chicken bone soup, light soy sauce Kaeshi, pork back fat, and Kujo green onions.

When I tried to combine the characteristics in my head, I thought it was the very basic Chinese noodle, as I guessed.

Well, Anyway, if we eat it, we’ll find out what “Kyoto ramen” is.


business hours of Kyoto ramen Specialty Store

In front of the shop, there is a guide board of business hours.

Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays other than national holidays,

Weekdays are open from 11:00 to 15:00 and 18:00 to 21:00 at night.

Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are open only for lunch time.

However, regardless of business hours, the business will end as soon as the soup runs out.


Parking lot guidance of Kyoto ramen Specialty Store

Information on parking lot under the information on business hours.

Eight cars can be parked together include the parking lot dedicated to light vehicles.


Kyoto ramen Specialty Store

When we entered the store, there were 7 counter seats. Already full.

Waiting seat behind it.


Kyoto ramen Specialty Store

There are 2 table seats for 4 people.


Kyoto ramen Specialty Store

We came at noon on a Sunday, and luckily we were able to sit at a table which customers were just to leave.


Kyoto ramen Specialty Store

Since it is a Covid-19 misfortune, we enter the restaurant after measuring the body temperature to make sure we are not infected.

This is the new normal in Japan.


The menu of Kyoto ramen Specialty Store

There is such a cute handwritten menu on the table,

・Chinese noodles (regular/large) …chicken soup.
・Meat Chinese noodles (regular/large) …chicken soup.
・Shiosai (regular/large) …seafood soup.

A simple menu with only 3 dishes.


Ingenious menu of Kyoto ramen Specialty Store

On the back of the menu is a proposal for a creative menu that you can make yourself called “Warakumeshi.”


Table seasonings of Kyoto ramen Specialty Store

In addition to pepper and shichimi, seasonings such as vinegar, garlic, and soba sauce are prepared on the table.

Originally, chive condiments and koregusu(Okinawan chili sauce made of chilis infused in awamori rice spirit) are also placed.


Menu on the wall in Kyoto ramen Specialty Store

Until a while ago, they used to offer Chinese noodles for 600 yen, but due to the soaring prices of various ingredients, it is now 650 yen.


A note on the table in Kyoto ramen Specialty Store

The rule is to put the bowl on the counter by yourself when you have finished eating.


The notice of price increase on a wall in Kyoto ramen Specialty Store

Wow, the price will be raised by 50 yen again from August.

… Well, prices are rising so much that it’s in the news every day…


The toilet in Kyoto ramen Specialty Store

Toilets are a particular concern in restaurants. They’re doing it right.

After waiting for about 15 minutes, the first Chinese noodle served out from the counter.


Chinese noodles at “Menya Waraku”.

Meat Chinese noodles large of Kyoto ramen Specialty Store

Meat Chinese noodles large (900yen).

Thin char siu is spread and Kujo green onion under it. Pork back fat floats, chicken base soy sauce soup. some chili peppers here and there.

Hmmm, This is exactly the Kyoto ramen as described.


Meat Chinese noodles regular of Kyoto ramen Specialty Store

Meat Chinese noodles regular (800yen).


Kyoto ramen Specialty Store

Thin noodles are also characteristic of Kyoto ramen.


Shiosai regular of Kyoto ramen Specialty Store

Shiosai regular (750yen).

The ramen is topped with yuzu peel, seaweed and plenty of dried shrimp.

Perhaps because of the yuzu, it has a slightly sour taste.


Kyoto ramen Specialty Store

A piece of Take-out “garlic”.


An empty bowl of Kyoto ramen Specialty Store

We ate the soup to the last drop.

The vessel is also orthodox.

The proprietress was fine and the taste was orthodox “Chinese noodle restaurant”.

Of course, “Tsudo Ramen“, which is famous for its creative cuisine, is good, but the traditional Chinese noodles are also delicious.


The map of Kyoto ramen Specialty restaurant “Waraku” in Miyagi, Urasoe City.