Dubai Mall, the world’s largest mall – UAE

Dubai Mall, the world’s largest mall – UAE

Dubai Mall, the world's largest mall - UAE

UAE – Dubai Mall, One of the world’s largest mall. The Dubai Mall, which has many of the world’s best, is basically a shopping mall where famous brands from all over the world gather. People from various countries come and go, and the atmosphere is very international. Of course, Dubai is a member of the United Arab Emirates, where Islam is the state religion, You can see many women wearing hijabs walking around malls.


The daytime view of skyscrapers seen from a taxi heading to Dubai Mall is a modern spectacle of unique buildings lined up, attracting many visitors.

Not like Tokyo or New York city, there are no old buildings mixed in, and all the buildings are new.


UAE Dubai Mall

As always, I didn’t have prior information about Dubai Mall, so I decided to walk around at random.

After walking for a while, there was an “information”, so I got a guidebook with a map called “The Dubai Mall Guide” and put the general outline in my brain.

It is possibly a little different, but in terms of construction, it’s a complex facility with famous brand shops, a huge aquarium, an ice skating rink, a souk, a movie theater and a food court.

If you get a guidebook, you’ll know more about this Dubai Mall.


Dinosaur exhibit at Dubai Mall

Area of Dubai Dino.

A 155-million-year-old (Late Jurassic) dinosaur bone discovered in the United States in 2008. It is 24.4m long and 7.6m high.


Dubai Aquarium in Dubai Mall

Dubai Aquarium in Dubai Mall


UAE, Dubai aquarium has the

Dubai Mall Dubai Aquarium

Dubai Mall Dubai Aquarium

The Guinness World Record before the Dubai Aquarium was the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium.


The Dubai Fountain

UAE Dubai Mall 'The Dubai Fountain' and 'Burj Khalifa'.

When you go outside the Dubai Mall, there is a huge pond with the world’s largest fountain called “The Dubai Fountain”, and beyond that there is the world’s tallest skyscraper “Burj Khalifa”.


'The Dubai Fountain' in front of the Dubai Mall.

Cross the bridge right in front of the mall and beyond is”The Old Town Island“.


The Dubai Fountain

Burj Khalifa and Dubai skyscrapers.

The buildings around the Burj Khalifa are also quite tall….

I know how tall the Burj Khalifa is.


Burj Khalifa - Dubai


The Dubai mall

Burj Khalifa - Dubai

Double-decker tourist bus in Dubai Mall.

A stylish wooden double decker was parked, probably for sightseeing.


Burj Khalifa - Dubai

Burj Khalifa is too big to take a picture of the whole even if you come to the edge of Dubai Mall.


Dubai Mall “The Souk”

The Souk in Dubai Mall, UAE

“Souk” means “market” in Arabic.

Generally speaking, ‘souk’ refers to an open-air market, so this souk in Dubai Mall is also called ‘indoor souk’, and I heard this one is ‘the world’s largest indoor souk’.

The Dubai Mall itself is the “largest shopping mall in the world” and the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo is also the “largest aquarium in the world”.

There are a lots of “The most” in here Dubai.


Touch panel information board in Dubai Mall, UAE.

There are touch panel guides here and there in the Dubai mall, but this mall is so big that you might not be able to reach the shop you want to go without it.

I checked later and found out that there are nearly 1,200 tenants in the Dubai mall.


The Dubai mall

The Dubai mall

The Dubai mall

The Dubai mall

It’s like an exhibition of famous brands here.


Dubai Skating Rink

Dubai Ice Rink - The Dubai Mall, United Arab Emirates.

My daughter wanted to go ice skating, so I asked her to come in by herself, and I walked around the Dubai Mall for about an hour.


Dubai Ice Rink - The Dubai Mall, United Arab Emirates.

She had ice skated in Okinawa and Korea, too.

She loves ice skating.


Dubai Ice Rink - The Dubai Mall, United Arab Emirates.

Since we were separated for a while, free WiFi was useful for meeting here as well.


Food court at Dubai Mall.

Food court at Dubai Mall with an international atmosphere.

After enjoying each Dubai mall for a while, eat “Fish & Chips” and “Bento” at the food court.
Food court at Dubai Mall.

Such a big paper bag to put just a set of fish and chips in.

Coke box is also such big.

It’s a fun, isn’t it.


Japanese food 'Bento'. - Dubai Mall, UAE.

After a light meal, we head to the taxi stand to catch one, and prepare for the next scheduled “Dubai Desert Safari Tour”.


Dubai Mall.

I got lost here too.

Come on, We have no much time…


There are countless taxis waiting in three rows at the taxi stand, picking up customers who come one after another.

Unlike when we arrived, we were able to get into the taxi without waiting for even a second.


Taxi one after another like the flow of the river... At The Dubai mall, UAE.

This is all taxi…

It’s like a “river of taxis”.


The Dubai mall, UAE.